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dry stone work from design to construction


A solution for an unusable garden on a 1 in 4 slope.

The large flat circular lawn terrace created by the upper and lower dry stone retaining walls provides a space for entertaining guests, reading in the sun or even playing games with the kids.

Planning restrictions on wall height were met by the inclusion of a curved walkway below the lower terrace wall.

The use of flat copes throughout maximises the usable areas and creates a feeling of space.

Large stone steps married with terrace walls allow easy transition from walkway to terrace to upper garden.

Features of the upper terrace wall include a freestanding wall end to create a focal point and separate areas of the garden.

The corbie holes are for corbies!


For the technically minded, the flat area is 80 sq.m. and the retaining walls are constructed with 50 tonnes of imported local stone using traditional and modern methods.